Impact Books founded by Dr. Juanita Woodson, was originally designed to be a platform where co-authors on a budget could come together and write books about topics that were most important to them and their community. It was developed to spark unpublished authors interest and peak their desire to eventually write their own story and become a self-publisher. We have prided ourselves on having some of the best prices in the industry along with some of the best quality available.

Impact Books strives to be an oasis for self-publishing authors by providing them the advantage of a wide variety of services and options for the printing and distribution of their books. Authors can use us as a printer or combine services together for a more tailored experience. We cut the fluff out and give them a straight forward price with no strings attached and 100% royalty retention.

Whether you want to simply print copies of your book and bring your own cover, (that are in correct format) or if you want a book ghostwritten from scratch for you, we've got you covered!  We are a full service publisher that can help with self-publishing goals as well as provide digital and print graphics. Not only do we print books, flyers, media kits, cards and banners, we also print t-shirts, hats, cups, pens, table clothes and just about anything you can imagine! Contact us today for an affordable book quote for your project!  |  678.614.0016

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